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Jeffrey E. Nusinov, Estate, Trust, and Fiduciary Litigation

Jeffrey E. Nusinov, Managing Attorney of Nusinov Smith, LLP, practices primarily in the areas of estate, trust and fiduciary litigation, and business and complex civil litigation. In addition to his litigation practice, Mr. Nusinov is experienced in matters of estate, trust and guardianship administration, managing over 200 active guardianship and federal fiduciary accounts, and regularly serving as trustee, personal representative and guardian.

Mr. Nusinov has served as a guest lecturer at the University of Baltimore School of Law on the subjects of civil litigation and electronic discovery management, as a guest judge for appellate advocacy arguments and for the University of Maryland School of Law’s negotiation team, and as a judge of regional collegiate moot court competitions.


  • Selected by Super Lawyers Magazine as a Super Lawyer in the area of Estate & Trust Litigation (2014, 2015 & 2016)
  • Awarded the AV Preeminent Martindale-Hubbell Peer Rating, reflecting the highest level of professional excellence (2012)
  • Selected as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine (2009 through 2013)
  • Featured as the Lawyer “Watchman” in Baltimore Magazine (2010)
  • Selected by the Maryland Daily Record as an Up-and-Comer Honoree of Most Influential Marylanders (2009)

In addition to managing the Firm, Jeffrey Nusinov continues to be a leader in fiduciary litigation, relentlessly prosecuting and defending estate and trust matters throughout Maryland.

Notable Cases:

Fiduciary Litigation

  • Obtained summary judgment successfully defending a Last Will & Testament against claims of undue influence, lack of competence and fraud (2016)
  • Successfully prosecuted claims of undue influence resulting in family regaining control of their father’s Estate and Trust (2016)
    • Family regains control of estate, assets from caregiver
  • Successfully defended co-trustees against petition to remove fiduciaries of a $50 million Trust; Court dismissed petition in total after trial on the merits (2016)
  • Obtained settlement in excess of $1 million for child allegedly disinherited from mother’s estate (2016)
  • Successfully defended special administrator through trial against petition to remove (2016)
  • Successfully obtained summary judgment dismissal of all claims after three days of trial, including dismissing estate’s claims that an agent under the decedent’s power of attorney breached fiduciary duties (2016)
  • Successfully defended beneficiary’s breach of contract claims arising out of a contingent inheritance (2016)
  • Successfully defended a claim against marital rights; all claims dismissed on summary judgment (2015)
  • Obtained successful ruling from the Orphans’ Court construing the Will’s tax provisions in an $86 million estate (2015)
    • Tom Clancy’s Widow Wins Legal Battle Over Taxes of $86 Million Estate
  • Successfully defended will caveat, resulting in a nuisance value settlement on the eve of trial (2015)
  • Obtained dismissal of will caveat through enforcement of the void legacy doctrine, resulting in petitioner lacking standing (2015)
  • Obtained summary judgment voiding Decedent’s purported quit claim deed on the basis of forgery (2015)
  • Successfully prosecuted will caveat, resulting in confidential settlement favorably dividing a probate estate (2015)
  • Successfully prosecuted claims to remove a trustee; resulted in trustee agreeing to resign on the eve of trial (2014)
  • Successfully prosecuted claims related to an estate’s partnership interest; obtained a favorable settlement in an amount exceeding $1,000,000 (2014)
  • Successfully defended an action to return non-probate real property to an estate; Court granted motion to dismiss all claims in their entirety (2014)
  • Successfully defended a personal representative through trial; resulted in the Court’s dismissal of the action to remove the personal representative (2014)
  • Represented a trustee in arbitration proceedings to allocate trust litigation attorneys’ fees (2013) 
  • Successfully defended undue influence litigation against trustees, obtaining summary judgment dismissal (2013)
  • Prosecuted a will caveat, obtaining a favorable settlement through mediation (2013)
  • Successfully defended petition to vacate Orphans’ Court Orders approving Administration Accounts (2013)
  • Successfully defended a will caveat, obtaining a favorable settlement (2013)
  • Successfully defended a will caveat, resulting in a nuisance-value settlement (2013)
  • Obtained appointment of guardian of person and property after a four day contested trial in which the Court found good cause to bypass opposing party’s statutory priority (2013)
  • Successfully defended a personal representative through trial on a petition to remove personal representative (2012)
  • Successfully protected disabled adult from undue influence via guardianship and court-approved irrevocable trust (2012)
  • Successfully prosecuted a will caveat and challenges of pre-death  transfers of assets based on a family member’s undue influence and breach of fiduciary duties (2011)
  • Obtained the removal of a personal representative of an estate (2011)
  • Achieved dismissal of all claims by a beneficiary against co-trustees for breach of fiduciary duties (2011)
  • Successfully defended a petition to remove personal representative and claims of breach of fiduciary duties (2011)
  • Successfully prosecuted a will caveat in a multi-million dollar estate based on diminished capacity and undue influence, obtaining a settlement in excess of a million dollars (2010)
  • Successfully prosecuted a will caveat based on lack of competence (2010)
  • Successfully defended claims of breach of fiduciary duty by a power of attorney (2010)
  • Successfully defended a will caveat through trial that resulted in dismissal of all claims in their entirety (2010)
  • Successfully prosecuted a will caveat based on undue influence and lack of competence (2009)
  • Obtained trial verdict revoking an irrevocable trust based on undue influence (2009)
  • Achieved summary judgment granting an adopted-out child the right to inherit from a family trust (2009)
  • Successfully prosecuted a will caveat based on undue influence and lack of competence, resulting in a settlement in excess of $300,000 (2008)
  • Successfully defended estate litigation through trial, obtaining a dismissal of all claims by way of directed verdict (2008)
  • Successfully defended will caveat and undue influence claims brought by family members against the decedent’s companion of several years (2008)
  • Successfully prosecuted claim of contract to make a will (2007)
    • Mother of Man Who Settled Seeks to Inherit Estate
  • Successfully prosecuted a will caveat based on a theory of monomania (2007)
  • Successfully prosecuted fraud claims involving concealment of assets from an estate (2005)
  • Successfully defended a will caveat in a multi-million dollar estate (2004)

Commercial Litigation

  • Successfully defeated a corporation against former officer and director’s claims for advancement of legal fees (2016)
  • Successfully defended real estate breach of contract claims, resulting in a favorably settlement early in the litigation process (2015)
  • Successfully prosecuted an accounting audit malpractice claim against a top ten accounting firm; resulting in a confidential settlement (2014)
  • Obtained partial summary judgment defending a corporation against minor shareholder claims for dissolution and appointment of a receiver (2014)
  • Successfully defended a corporation against claims of negligent management and supervision; settled for nuisance value (2014)
  • Obtained a dismissal in favor of landlord defending against injury claims (2013)
  • Successfully negotiated defense of breach of contract action (2012)
  • Successfully negotiated a multi-million dollar recovery in a business dispute by way of settlement reached the day before trial (2011)
  • Achieved summary judgment in defending an accountant, dismissing professional malpractice and fraud claims; obtained a judgment after trial on defendant’s counter-claim of approximately $300,000 (2010)
  • Successfully defended a business against six counts of breach of contract arising out of an Asset Purchase Agreement (2010)
  • Successfully prosecuted claims for defamation against a publicly traded company, obtaining a settlement of approximately $3.8 million (2009)
  • Obtained a defendant’s award, denying plaintiff’s claim entirely, in commercial arbitration proceeding involving sponsorship of Rolex Grand Am racing series (2009)
  • Successfully prosecuted a multi-million dollar misappropriation of trade secret case involving computer software (2008)
    • Software Engineer Wins $5.1 Million Verdict
  • Successfully represented a tenant in recovering damages from her landlord for a sexual assault committed by a third party on leased premises (2007)
  • Obtained a jury verdict in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland in excess of $5 million for copyright infringement claims brought on behalf of a software programmer (2006)
  • Successfully defended a computer software customization company against breach of contract claims (2005)

White Collar Defense

  • Defended counterfeiting charges through Circuit Court trial, Maryland Court of Special Appeals, and Maryland Court of Appeals (2012)
  • Successfully defended an attorney-in-fact under a power of attorney charged with multiple counts of misappropriation by a fiduciary (2010)
  • Served on the Mayor of Baltimore’s criminal defense team (2009)
  • Defended an attorney against white collar criminal charges in a six week jury trial in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland (2005)
  • Represented a former Chief Financial Officer of a publicly traded company in matters related to an SEC investigation and corporate indemnification (2003)

Appellate Experience:

  • Represented Appellee in Michelle Bandy, et al. v. Alexandra Clancy, Maryland Court of Appeals, 449 Md. 577 (2016)
    • Court of Appeals Rules Tom Clancy’s Widow Isn’t Responsible for Taxes of His Estate
    • Maryland High Court Affirms Tax Ruling on Tom Clancy’s Estate
  • Represented Appellee in Margaret K. Vito v. E. Edward Klausmeyer, Jr., Maryland Court of Special Appeals (No. 44, Sept. Term 2013)
  • Represented Appellant in State of Maryland v. Isaac Neger, Maryland Court of Special Appeals (Unpublished opinion, No. 878, Sept. Term 2010); Maryland Court of Appeals, 424 Md. 291 (2012)
  • Represented Appellant in Blake R. Van Leer, II v. Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc., United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, 479 Fed. Appx. 475 (2012)
  • Represented Appellee in William F. Spry, et al. v. Ralph Gooner, et al., MD Court of Special Appeals, 190 Md. App. 1 (2010)
  • Represented Appellee in Juan Altmayer-Pizzorno v. L-Soft International, Inc., United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, 302 Fed. Appx. 148 (2008)
  • Represented Appellant in United States of America v. Frederic D. Leffler, 228 Fed. Appx. 248, United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (2007)


  • Authored Notes by a Fiduciary Litigator: Estate Planning Best Practices to Avoid Conflict, The Barrister, Bar Association of Baltimore City’s Estate and Trust Publication (2015)
  • Presented before the Wranglers Law Club, The Unauthorized Practice of Law- Are the Rules to Protect the Public or the Profession? (2015)
  • Speaker before the Baltimore County Bar Association, Estates & Trusts Committee, panel discussion on the inner workings of guardianships (2009)
  • Co-Authored and spoke regarding Discovery Skills for Legal Staff in Maryland, Lorman Education Services (2007)
  • Authored and presented Litigating the Case in Probate Court, National Business Institute (2007)
  • Speaker before the Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System Social Work Staff Meeting regarding guardianships in Maryland (2006)
  • Authored and presented Preparing for Challenging Litigation Issues in Probate Proceedings, National Business Institute publication (2006)


  • Managing Attorney/ Partner – Nusinov Smith, LLP, 2015 - present
  • Managing Partner – Fisher & Winner, LLP, 2006 - 2014
  • Of Counsel – Law Offices of Arnold M. Weiner, 2007 - 2013
  • Attorney – Fisher & Winner, LLP, 2001 - 2005
  • Law Clerk – Hon. Allen L. Schwait, Circuit Court for Baltimore City, 2000 – 2001
  • University of Maryland School of Law, Class of 2000


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