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Grounds for Challenging a Will in Maryland

August 19, 2019

In most cases, the reading of the will after a loved one passes away is a fairly straightforward process. Oftentimes, the deceased will have shared the contents of the will with family members beforehand or given a general idea about the inheritance. However, occasionally the …

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Four Ways to Retain Intellectual Property Rights When Employees Leave

May 27, 2019

For many companies, their intellectual property is the crux of their success. Whether your business relies on a particular formula, process, design, or customer list, it is critical that you protect your intellectual property when an employee chooses to leave your company. The following will …

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Four Ways a Business Planning and Commercial Transactions Attorney can Help Your Maryland Start Up

May 20, 2019

Creating a startup company in Maryland involves more than just having a good idea. There are many aspects of establishing and operating a startup company that require the use of a knowledgeable commercial transactions attorney. The article below explains some, but not all, of the …

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Five Reasons it is Time to Update Your Estate Plan

April 16, 2019

Estate planning not only ensures that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes after you pass, but it can also be significantly beneficial to your family and loved ones. However, many people will create an estate plan and never touch it again, even …

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Financial Power of Attorney: Why You Need it and How to Make the Best Choice

April 4, 2019

A financial power of attorney is a powerful document that is an essential part of any estate plan in Maryland. Before making a decision about whom should serve as your power of attorney, it is important to understand what a financial power of attorney entails, …

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