Nusinov Smith LLP has built its reputation as the law firm that consistently produces results. While other firms find excuses, Nusinov Smith finds ways to win. Nusinov Smith’s results validate the hard work, commitment, integrity and strategic thinking that clients trust and rely upon to safeguard their most important assets. Nusinov Smith repeatedly exceeds expectations; these experiences and victories have earned Nusinov Smith the reputation as Maryland’s premier trust, estate and fiduciary litigation firm.

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Nusinov Smith LLP attorneys have established a track record of success in all aspects of fiduciary, trust and estate litigation, as well as in the areas of probate, planning and administration.

Case Study

Tom Clancy’s Widow Wins Legal Battle Over Taxes of $86 Million Estate

Tom Clancy's widow has scored a legal victory in a long-running dispute over who should foot the hefty taxes on the best-selling author's $86 million estate, which largely comes from a minority share of the Baltimore Orioles and includes a World War II tank.

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“Jeff Nusinov’s ability to understand his client's position from legal, business and personal views is one of the unique assets that set him apart from other attorneys. Jeff has mastered and honed his ligation skills; like a modern-day legal gladiator, he is a true warrior using a combination of intelligence, unmatched strategic thinking, and endless determination and toughness. He is simply terrific.”

Client R.

“Thank you for your tireless (and timeless!) consideration and work on our behalf. We bid each other good night tonight with a mutual toast, ‘Jeff is amazing.’ And we’ll sleep very well.”

Clients J. & S.

“I cannot tell you how much I learn from you, Jeff. Seeing your thought process and how you can pull cases out of your head in a moment’s notice, inspires me to be a better attorney. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into all of this. You are amazing!”

Member of the Maryland Bar

“Jeff, we will be smiling for the next month. Great job! You crushed him like a bug. Thanks for everything you are doing for our family. We will never forget it.”

Client A.

“If you are going to bet the ranch, you have to go with Nusinov!”

Client P.

“Every win makes me feel better. That — and the fact that you are a rockstar, Jeff! I really appreciate all you do. You have been a huge help. You are the best!”

Client L.