Practice Area

Complex Civil and Business Litigation

Complex Civil and Business Litigation

Nusinov Smith LLP trial attorneys are experienced in litigation arising out of:

  • Business and commercial disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • White collar criminal charges
  • Complex personal injury matters
  • Professional malpractice allegations
Our attorneys regularly appear in matters before trial and appellate courts as well as regulatory agencies and are adept at achieving results in mediation and arbitration as well as before juries and judges.

Our attorneys are skilled in the following complex litigation practices:

  • Voluminous document production by or to the firm's client
  • Matters involving large numbers of deponents and witnesses
  • Issues involving complex calculations and large quantities of data
  • Complexity and interrelationship of multiple issues
  • Extreme time pressures imposed by judges, opponents, or client imperatives
  • The need to present and defend, cross-examine, and prepare expert witnesses
  • The need to persuade through the use of sophisticated graphics and technologically persuasive courtroom presentations