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Trust Litigation

Trust Litigation

Placing your property in trust is a great way to protect your assets, avoid the probate process, and provide something of value for your beneficiaries. There are many benefits to placing assets in a trust; however, sometimes issues arise in the creation, execution, and management of a trust that require a seasoned attorney to handle. With years of experience litigating all types of trust matters, the experienced attorneys at Nusinov Smith are here to help. If you are facing trust litigation in Maryland, call or contact our office today to speak with one of our knowledgeable lawyers about your case.

Trust Litigation Matters We Represent

The experienced trust litigation attorneys at Nusinov Smith handle a number of different types of trust matters on behalf of our clients. We prosecute and defend trustees accused of breaching their fiduciary duties to beneficiaries, which can include but is not limited to, favoring certain beneficiaries over others, failing to discharge duties, self-dealing, misappropriating trust assets, failing to perform material duties, and disregarding orders from the court. In addition, we handle questions of trust construction and execution. Our attorneys have successfully managed issues of ambiguous language in trust instruments, interpretation of provisions, and trust execution matters. Whatever your trust litigation problem, our skilled litigators are prepared to zealously advocate on your behalf.

Trust Litigation Success with Nusinov Smith

The storied and successful history of trust litigation at Nusinov Smith speaks to the high quality representation and legal expertise that our attorneys provide for our clients throughout Maryland. Some of our firm’s most recent successes in effective trust litigation include the following:

  • Obtained a multi-million dollar settlement of legal malpractice claims arising out of estate and trust duties and failures to protect a client from undue influence and fraud (2017)
  • Obtained a settlement correcting wrongful and excessive distributions arising out of a misinterpretation of a multi-million dollar Trust (2017)
  • Successfully defended co-trustees against petition to remove fiduciaries of a $50 million Trust; Court dismissed petition in total after trial on the merits (2016)
  • Successfully prosecuted claims to remove a trustee; resulted in trustee agreeing to resign on the eve of trial (2014)
  • Successfully defended undue influence litigation against trustees, obtaining summary judgment dismissal (2013)
  • No matter the unique facts of your case, the expert trust litigation attorneys at Nusinov Smith are prepared to prosecute or defend your claims. Trust litigation matters are often complex issues that can have a significant impact on all parties associated with the trust. It is critical that you entrust the litigation of these issues to experts in the field.

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