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Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation

The passing of a loved one is always a difficult experience, and if there are issues pertaining to that person’s estate, it can make that time even more stressful and traumatic. If no final will and testament is left by the deceased or if questions arise about the validity of the existing estate plan, you need an experienced estate litigation attorney by your side, protecting your interests. At Nusinov Smith, our skilled litigators have years of experience zealously advocating for our clients in estate disputes throughout Maryland. Call or contact our office today to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

Types of Estate Litigation

Any interested party can challenge an estate plan on a number of different grounds. An interested party is any potential heir or beneficiary in the current estate plan or someone who would inherit if the state laws of intestate succession are applied to the estate. Challenges to an estate plan come in many different forms, and one of the main causes for contesting a will is the claim that the decedent lacked mental capacity.

Another common challenge is one of undue influence or that the will was created under the pretense of fraud or malfeasance. An estate plan can also be challenged because the creation or execution of the will did not comply with state law or because the personal representative of the estate is committing fraud or any other wrongful act. With years of experience handling estate litigation claims, our office is prepared to help you either prosecute or defend an estate challenge in your case.

Nusinov Smith Estate Litigation Success

The experienced and accomplished estate litigation attorneys at Nusinov Smith have a record of success that illustrates their dedication to their clients and their skill at advocating for them in estate litigation cases. Some of our most successful estate litigation cases include the following:

  • Successfully defended a personal representative against removal and damages proceedings, settled at nuisance value (2017)
  • Obtained summary judgment successfully defending a last will and testament against claims of undue influence, lack of competence and fraud (2016)
  • Obtained settlement in excess of $1 million for child allegedly disinherited from mother’s estate (2016)
  • Obtained successful ruling from the Orphans’ Court construing the will’s tax provisions in an $86 million estate (2015)
  • Successfully defended will caveat, resulting in a nuisance value settlement on the eve of trial (2015)
  • Successfully prosecuted will caveat, resulting in confidential settlement favorably dividing a probate estate (2015)

To learn more about our record of success in estate litigation matters, and how we can best represent you in your case, call our office today.

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